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foreign places, reflections

I am currently processing place-specific topics, expressing my thoughts on collective consciousness via painting, installations and fotographic series.

from series: City solitudes..



from series: Untold storys..



from series: magnetic landscapes..



3 D Installation "Heritage of Renewal"(70x100x4,5 cm) mixed media on canvas, 2023 - Reflection of the city of Genoa. The splendor of the old palazzi combined with modern elements.

Japan- related Installation: "The philosophical vending machine" (height 106, depth 41, width 70 cm), garbage, clay, cardboard, acrylics. I created it in June 2023, as artist in residence in Studio Kura, Japan.

 It shows small rooms, designed out of mixed materials like cardboard boxes, clay elements and mostly garbage- collected through my Japanese journey to Itoshima, via Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto.

The 5 rooms are connected to each other and visualise different areas of Japanese life wisdom.The construction in the form of a vending machine shows that we can easily apply this wisdom in everyday life.

I have studied Japan intensively for the installation, the concept has become very complex, just like the country is.
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↓     Series "Wayang Stick Puppets" (seven parts, 2019/2020)

This series depicts various archetypes as puppets, inspired by the Indonesian shadow theatre- the plays of the Wayang cult. My grandmother grew up in Sumatra and later had some original wayang dolls at home. These have fascinated me and inspired me to my own interpretation, which includes archetypes based on the elements. Acrylics on canvas 50x70 cm. Portfolio

Series "psycho fruits" (8 parts, year 2022) 

In this series I created a connection between fruit and sexual symbolism/partly gender issues. The images are deliberately ambiguous, the viewer interpreting them according to their own subject matter. They contain aspects that appeal to the subconscious and have profound psychological messages, while looking fresh, poppy and light. Acrylics on canvas, various sizes- 100x90 cm max. Portfolio

↓ paintings (selection)


"The flower`s secret" acrylic on canvas 100 x 100 cm 2021

"le phénix" acrylic on canvas  70 x 80 cm 2022

"Evolution" Din A 2 pencil, charcoal,
acrylic on paper 2016

"Sepia" Din A 2 Pencil, charcoal,
acrylic on paper 2016

"Willow Song"  acrylic on canvas 80 x 120 x 4,5 cm 2019

"bitch glam" (3D-Collage) acrylic and music-sheet structures on canvas 80 x 100 cm 2020

"languages ​​of all countries" acrylic on canvas 80 x 100 cm 2017

"Life Lines" 7 golden shades/ acrylics /fabrics on canvas. 120x100 cm, year 2023.

↓      Installations/Specials

Installation in ski-gondola: "Become like children again" for exhibition "Higstäid" at Lake Tegernsee. It was a walk-through and included interactive elements and upcycled materials. 2021


3-D Installation "creators mind": ceramics, sequins, acrylic on canvas 50 x 70 cm 2023

"funky dynamite"
sequins, acrylics on cardboard, 2023

"courage, honey pie!" acrylics on cardboard, modified frame, 2023

"city lights":
pasta/acrylics on cardboard, modified frame, 2023

From the 7-part series Conscious Rooms, part 1, 2021 get personalized version

 Conscious Rooms part 3

 Conscious Rooms part 4

3 D installation, acrylic and mixed materials on canvas 100 x 70 cm 2022

"Fade & rebuild" 48 x 68 cm 3D - clay/fabric/acrylics on chipboard 2021 

↓    Miniature Sculptures


"Zwerg Maar"(Right at the corner dwarf on the left). Who would you like to paint cubist, and who loves you because of your rough edges? 

"She has it quite cosy." And yes- she´s a queen. 

"Sea treasures"
Like the sea, the human soul carries abundant, unexplored treasures. Dive deep and find your pearls..

"Pocket organics"- For emergencies! To be carried in your handbag.

"Marguerite la Fatale" For whom grandezza and finesse are foreign words, Marguerite should get on board. She knows all the tricks and knows exactly that a bit of slyness is part of true fatalism. You have to be able to show your teeth ...

"Frank Schuster"
always this artist people, there was no such thing back then! Find a real job, you little dolls! 


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