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current projects: foreign places, Storytelling

In my current projects, I artistically process places or specific topics that reflect them to me. (- See also my fotographic travelling artist- series, for example „coloursynchroniCITY“ - on social media: FB, Inst.) 
Hereby you see the 3D installation "Heritage of Renewal" - my reflection of the city of Genoa. The installation mirrors the changes the city has undergone in recent years, combining the splendor and old energy of the palazzi and nobility with modern elements and colours - a transformative look into a new world. 

In meinen derzeitigen Projekten verarbeite ich Orte, bzw spezifische Themen, welche diese mir wiederspiegeln, künstlerisch. Hier sehen Sie die 3D Installation "Erbe der Erneuerung"- meine Reflektion der Stadt Genua. Die Installation spiegelt die Veränderungen der Stadt in den letzten Jahre wieder, sie vereint den Prunk und die alte Energie der Palazzi und Adelsgeschlechter mit modernen Elementen und Farben - ein transformativer Blick in eine neue Welt.

3 D Installation: "Legacy of Renewal" (70x100x4,5 cm) modelled Ceramics elements, Fabrics, Acrylics on canvas, Year 2023
 Price on demand

Series "psycho fruits" (8 parts, year 2022)

 In this series I create a connection between fruit and sexual symbolism/partly gender issues. The images are deliberately ambiguous, the viewer interpreting them according to their own subject matter. They contain aspects that appeal to the subconscious and have profound psychological messages, while looking fresh, poppy and light. 

 In dieser Serie schaffe ich eine Verbindung zwischen Obst und sexueller Symbolik/teils Gender Themen. Die Bilder sind bewusst mehrdeutig angelegt, der Betrachter interpretiert sie entsprechend seiner eigenen Thematik. Sie enthalten Aspekte, die das Unterbewusstsein ansprechen und haben tiefgründige psychologische Botschaften, während sie gleichzeitig frisch, poppig und leicht aussehen. 

Psycho fruits No.8: “Let the feelings sweet yourself”. (70x100 cm) acrylic on canvas 2022
The elemental force. Primordial mother of creation, father of the die and become principle. Everything comes into being and passes away, unstoppably reliable as only the change can be.

Part 7: “the cutting edge” 80x100 cm acrylic on canvas 2022
Perpetrator or victim? Whoever cuts can still be cooked. Living OR Leaving the illusion of fear and guilt.

Part 6: “blackberry pride” 70x80 cm acrylic on canvas 2022
The Blackberry says: So YOU wanna define MY beauty Standards? No way, i dont take it. The future is round, is big OR slim, is beautiful. FEMALE!!! 

Part 5: "peach perception, deep dive.“ 70 x100 cm acrylic on canvas 2022
This peachy-like creature finds itself in the center of a lotus flower, safe and beloved, but also in awe that it could fall down and sink into the depths of the calm green lake. This is about self love- to find the sweet and quiet place within yourself, where you can rest and just BE, you have to dive deep in the cold and unknown sometimes. 

Part 4: "(big) apple, ready for the date night out." 70 x 80 cm acrylic on canvas 2022

This dressed up apple is exited and thrilled- although he is prepared perfectly for the important meeting with his beloved one. (Could it be the sweet little lemon? ;))
Presenting himself as the star he is, he will hit the goal to win her heart like a bowling bowle. (At least, thats what he´s hoping for.)

Part 3. "female lemon" 60 x 80 cm acrylic on canvas 2022
We see a tribute to femininity itself, an oblivious play with form and colour. With the effervescence of a lemon and energetic, cheerful colour coctail, the heaviness is transformed and returned to the essence - the woman who is a child at the same time

Part 2: " It´s tasty."  60 x 80 cm acrylic on canvas 2022
A kind of symbolic giant tongue explores the “object “ blueberry here. The extreme colourfulness of the organ shows the variety of sensory possibilities, at the same time the almost unpleasant colour contrast effect in this picture is striking - the line between joy of discovery and greed is narrow. 

Part 1: "Little scandal". 70 x 80 cm acrylic on canvas 2022

Do we see 2 fruits here, or only one? and what does this part of the body embody for us, what does this direct gaze trigger? Do we see sweetness or distress? What do you see.

 Price on demand, art print possible.

↓     Series "Wayang Stick Puppets" (seven parts, 2019/2020)

This series depicts various archetypes as puppets, inspired by the Indonesian shadow theatre- the plays of the Wayang cult. My grandmother grew up in Sumatra and later had some original wayang dolls at home. These have fascinated me and inspired me to my own interpretation, which includes archetypes based on the elements. 

Diese Serie stellt verschiedene Archetypen als Marionetten dar, inspiriert vom indonesischen Schattenspiel-den Theaterstücken des Wayang-Kultes. Meine Großmutter wuchs in Sumatra auf und hatte später einige Originale Wayang-Puppen zu Hause. Diese haben mich nachhaltig fasziniert und zu dieser eigenen Interpretation inspiriert, welche Archetypen an Hand der Elemente beinhaltet. 

Part 1: "The goddess"  - ​element ether.

acrylic on canvas 50 x 70 cm 2019
Price on demand, art print possible.

Part 2: "Dancing warrior"- element air.
 acrylic on canvas 50 x 70 cm 2020

Part 3: "The dark princess"- element fire.
acrylic on canvas 50x70 cm 2020

    Part 4: "Back to the roots"- element earth.
 acrylic on canvas 50 x 70 cm 2020

Part 5: "The Joker"- shifting between the elements.
 acrylic on canvas 50 x 70 cm 2020

Part 6. "Artdeco seduction queen"- element water.

 acrylic on canvas 50 x 70 cm 2020

Part 7: "Completion" black and white- all elements included.
 acrylic on canvas 50 x 70 cm 2020

↓ Figurative

"The flower`s secret" acrylic on canvas 100 x 100 cm 2021
Price on demand, art print possible

"le phénix"   acrylic on canvas  70 x 80 cm 2022
Price on demand, art print possible

"Pollution romance"  acrylic on canvas  80 x 100 cm 2016
Art print possible.

"Magischer Nullraum" (magical zero space) acrylic on canvas 100 x 100 cm 2019
Art print possible.

"Flurrying" acrylic on canvas 70 x 80 cm 2021
Art print possible.

"Soundart"  Glass picture Glass colours, sequins  71 x 100 cm 2019



3D Installation: "Serenity" Collage/clay modellage/Acrylic on canvas 60 x 90 cm
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"Sepia" Din A 2 Pencil, charcoal and acrylic on paper 2016

"Evolution" Din A 2 pencil, charcoal and acrylic on paper 2016

Coronatime diaries part 2: "Web." Acrylic on cardboard 50 x 70 cm 06.09.2020  

Full focus on the virtual space, to grow (or survive?) you have to enter it.

Coronatime diaries part 3: "SCAM." Acrylic on cardboard 50 x 70 cm 12.09.2020
 The writing blurs on the screen, interference fields flicker. What information is relevant, helpful, TRUE? Filter yourself..

Coronatime diaries part 4: "Something hatches" Acrylic on cardboard 50 x 70 cm 17.09.2020  something hatches, it moves, pushes outwards, is under pressure. Here comes something! what will it be???

"Living tree".  50 x 70 cm acrylic on canvas 2017

↓        Abstract             

"City of gods, reconstruction"   
 acrylic on canvas  70 x 100 cm 2022
Art print possible.

"Willow Song"   
 acrylic on canvas 80 x 120 x 4,5 cm 2019

3 D Installation, acrylic and mixed materials on canvas 100 x 70 cm 2022
For more views please have a look at Installation.

"EGO, R.I.P."
50 x 70 cm acrylic on canvas 2019 

Coronatime diaries part 1: "Anxiety inflammations" acrylic on cardboard 50 x 70 cm 31.08.2020
Individually fermenting foci of inflammation. The respective view of the overall situation varies, but the safety distance remains the same..

"little mermaid is safe" acrylic on canvas 80 x 80 cm 2018

 "Alchemy"  acrylic on canvas 80 x 100 x 4,5 cm 2018    

"Soul-language" acrylic on canvas 45x50 cm 2019

"Backbone, baby!"
Acrylic on canvas  90 x 130 cm 2019

"Hühnerhof" Acrylic on canvas
 40 x 50 cm 2016

 " Center me." Acrylic on canvas
 30 x 40 cm 2019

"inspiring plant"
Acrylic and structures on canvas 

 60x60 cm 2018 

"Firefly midnight dance"  40x50 cm acrylic on canvas 2019 

"bitch glam" (3D-Collage)
    Acrylic and music-sheet structures on canvas 80 x 100 cm 2020
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"languages ​​of all countries"
Acrylic on canvas 80 x 100 cm 2017
Art print possible.

 "Abundance Frequency"             
80x100 cm acrylic on canvas 2020

↓      Installations/Specials    

Installation: "Become like children again" for the "Higstäid" exhibition at Gut Kaltenbrunn/ Lake Tegernsee. The installation is accessible and contains interactive elements. Aug 2021

   Installation: "werdet wieder wie die Kinder" Im Rahmen der Ausstellung Higstäid beim Gut Kaltenbrunn Gmund am Seeweg. Die Installation ist begehbar und enthält interaktive Elemente. August 2021

Installation: "Become like children again",  detail view.
Installation: "werdet wieder wie die Kinder", Detailansicht.

Installation: "Become like children again",  detail view.
Installation: "werdet wieder wie die Kinder", Detailansicht.

Installation: "Serenity" detail view
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From the 7-part series Conscious Rooms part 1: The path is free, the frequency flows gold. Is the menacing aspect really blocking the door, or is our field of vision just limited? 2021
Also personalized possible.

Aus der 7 teiligen Serie  Conscious Rooms (Bewußtseinsräume) Nr 1: Der Weg ist frei, die Frequenz Gold fließt. Versperrt der bedrohliche Aspekt wirklich die Tür, oder ist unser Sichtfeld bloß begrenzt? 2021
Auch personalisiert möglich.

From the 7 part series Conscious Rooms part 2: shelter or cage? How far do we dare - every extreme creates new polarity.. 2021
Aus der 7 teiligen Serie  Conscious Rooms (Bewußtseinsräume) Nr. 2: Schutz oder Käfig? Wie weit wagen wir uns vor- jedes Extrem erschafft neue Polarität..  2021

From the 7-part series Conscious Rooms part 3: You've already swum several oceans, you know the ebb and flow. What remains? the sweet stillness of the neutral center. 2021
Also personalized possible
Aus der 7 teiligen Serie  Conscious Rooms (Bewußtseinsräume) Nr 3: Du hast schon einige Ozeane durchschwommen, kennst Ebbe und Flut. Was bleibt? die süße Stille der neutralen Mitte. 2021
Auch personalisiert möglich.

From the 7 part series Conscious Rooms part 4: Some bridges only your imagination can build. Be brave and let the camel overflow.. 2021
Aus der 7 teiligen Serie  Conscious Rooms (Bewußtseinsräume) Nr. 4: Manche Brücken kann nur deine Fantasie bauen. Sei mutig und lass das Fass überlaufen.. 2021

From the 7 part Conscious Rooms series part 5: Surrender to the Sweetness. 2021

Aus der 7 teiligen Serie  Conscious Rooms (Bewußtseinsräume) Nr. 5: Surrender to the Sweetness. 2021

"Fade & rebuild" 48 x 68 cm 3D - Modelling and fabric/acrylic paint on chipboard 2021 

"Fade & rebuild" (Detail view)

3 D installation, acrylic and mixed materials on canvas 100 x 70 cm 2022
Price on demand.

"Metamorphosis" (Detail view)

 "enchants for the best" (verzaubert zum Guten) 3D Modelling Acrylics/Lacquer 2021 

 "enchants for the best" (Detail view)

Streetartprojekt beim Atrium in Holzkirchen Juni 2020
"Kunst mit Abstand": zum aktuellen Zeitgeschehen haben wir (einige Künstler) uns eine Wand geteilt, und ein Stück jeweils individuell gestaltet. 

Meine Arbeit heißt „Raum für Kontakt“ und soll dazu anregen, in Zeiten des Tragens einer Maske bewusst andere Wege der Kontaktaufnahme zu suchen. Ich wollte ein fröhliches Bild machen, das auch Kinder anspricht. Mehr zum Projekt

"Art at a distance": we (some artists) have shared a wall with current events and designed it individually. My work is called "Space for contact" and should encourage to consciously surch forother ways of contact in times of wearing a mask. I wanted to make a joyous painting which also speaks to children. 

More about the project

My Individual pizza box design as part of the exhibition "Art Instead of Pizza" (held in 2021 in a former pizzeria at the train station Schaftlach in Bavaria.)

Individuelles Pizzakarton-Design von Kunst und Klartext im Rahmen der Ausstellung "Kunst Statt Pizza" (stattgefunden 2021 in ehemaliger Pizzeria am Schaftlacher Bahnhof.)

"Communication Level 1" - ugly but true. Everyone has a start. ;))
Acrylic paint, structures and sequins on canvas 40x50 cm 2018

"Kommunikation Level 1"- häßlig aber wahr. Jeder fängt mal an. ;))

Miniature Sculptures

"Holy 3"    2019   

"Soulseeking bird"

"Zwerg Maar"
(Right at the corner dwarf on the left). Who would you like to paint cubist, and who loves you because of your rough edges?
(Gleich beim Eckzwerg links). Wen würdest du gerne kubistisch malen, und wer liebt dich wegen deiner Ecken und Kanten?

"She has it quite cosy." And yes- she´s a queen. 
Sie hat es recht kommode. Und ja- Sie ist eine Königin. 

"Frank Schuster"
always this artist people, there was no such thing back then!
        Find a real job, you little dolls!

    Immer dieset Künstlervolk, sowat hätts damals nich jejebn!
 Sucht euch ma ne richtje Arbeit, ihr Püppchen!

"Sea treasures"
Like the sea, the human soul carries abundant unexplored treasures.
 Dive deep and find your pearls..

Wie das Meer trägt auch die menschliche Seele reichlich unerforschte Schätze. Tauch tief und finde deine Perlen..

"Hiding Beauty"

"Old knowledge, new treasures."
Altes Wissen, neue Schätze. 

"Pocket organics"- For emergencies! To be carried in your handbag.
Für den Notfall! In der Handtasche mitzuführen. 

"The alchemist"

"Dizzy Schorsch"

"Franchise lemon in a designer outfit"
Franchise-Zitrone im Designer Outfit

"Marguerite la Fatale"
For whom grandezza and finesse are foreign words, Marguerite should get on board. She knows all the tricks and knows exactly that a bit of slyness is part of true fatalism. You have to be able to show your teeth ...
Für wen Grandezza und Finesse Fremdworte sind, sollte sich Marguerite ins Boot holen. Sie kennt alle Tricks und weiß genau dass zu wahrem Fatalismus eine Spur Verschlagenheit dazu gehört. Man muss auch mal Zahn zeigen können..


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